About Us...

We are strongly committed to ensuring that all of our clients have the opportunity to make the best decisions possible for their financial future, whilst having access to a wide choice of products available in the marketplace.

At the Independent Advice Bureau, we take great pride in the trust that our clients place with us, recognising that sustained professionalism in our relationships, is the key to successful financial decision making.

As financial planning can be complex, we understand the value of clear and succinct communication, meaning that all proposals and solutions are presented with total clarity. As we place great emphasis on personal attention, we therefore seek to establish face-to-face meetings with our clients where manageable.

If you would like to contact us, please call on 0161-248-9746. Alternatively, please contact us via email at info@iabltd.co.uk for both general information, and for specific product information & quotations.

Alternatively, feel free to use our enquiry form by clicking here.

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